The Research & Development team which is directly supervised by the General Manager. Our Processes are continually reviewed and updated to keep pace with international standards.

PET resin in our portfolio has had varied applications, such as manufacturing PET preforms and blown bottles for the FMCG Industry. We recently introduced a new type of PET resin, which employs a titanium compound as a catalyst, in addition to standard antimony catalyst PET resin. The features of the new titanium catalyst PET are as below:

(1) Stable Supply:
Antimony and germanium that are used as the standard catalysts for PET manufacturing are rare metals concentrated in China. In comparison to these metals, titanium supply is not as scarce which allows us to provide a stable and competitive supply.

(2) Safety:
Titanium is a bio-compatible material that has been used as a dental material for a long time. It also complies with food safety standards so it is not harmful to human health.

(3) Environment Friendly:
Titanium is superior in terms of reactivity. This PET resin requires minute quantity for its production (approximately 1/20th the amount of antimony & approximately 1/10th the amount of germanium). Only trace residue would be observed when the products become end of life and cremated. The PET is environmentally friendly.

(4) Aesthetic appearance:
PET resin produced with a titanium catalyst possesses crystal clear transparency in comparison to standard antimony PET, which has a brownish tint. The PET has excellent aesthetic appearance.

In addition to the standard homo PET resin, we have a variety of specialty PET resins with enhanced properties such as transparency and a gas barrier obtained through co-polymerization with a third component. We are happy to help your material selection upon request. Please contact us for any details you may require.