Quality Assurance

At Ghantoot Plastics Stringent quality control is implemented at every stage of production to ensure that all PET preforms are of the highest standard. All Preforms and bottles are produced:

  • In strict accordance to supplier’s specifications of raw materials
  • To Conform to UAE’s and FDA regulations.
  • With all quality control requirements
  • Ensuring the raw materials do not contain heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium).

Ghantoot is a ISO 9001 certified company

Through periodic Quality Checks we assume the responsibility for the product’s successful and timely commercial delivery. Our experienced quality team performs the following tests to ensure that all our products are of the highest standard

  • Visual and automatic control
    Inspection of the appearance of our preforms
  • Viscosity
    Determines the strength of the final bottle
  • Physical testing
    Adherance to exact Dimensions (length, diameters, wall-thickness, etc)
  • Colour
    Wide range of colored preforms are produced within the corporate colours
  • Microbiological identification tests
  • No chemical traces
    Ghantoot Plastics has a strict compliance to anything that could pose a health hazard.